You can do much more business by creating a friendship and this is an attempt to bring people of different countries together to make friendship and the interest of the forum is to do Business.


Mr. Manohar Joshi
Former Speaker - Parliament Of India

IBLF is a great networking and business platform. Podar Enterprise has attended all the conventions. It has helped to expand its business to newer countries and areas. The five e’s of IBLF business principles are effectively, efficiently, exclusively, enterprisingly and economically.

Mr. Rajiv K. Podar
Podar Enterprise - M.D.

I very much appreciate the IBLF’s endeavor to bring together business people from all over the world. I’m doing the same type of work for Switzerland putting together governments and between us and the IBLF there is much room for a good cooperation.

Dr. Monica Ruehl
Ambassador - Head of Bilateral Economic Relation

I Think it’s a good moment for our town because if I compare with other cities where this council was years ago, it’s a big honor for us.


Mr. Dolfi Muller
Mayor of the City of Zug

I thank Rajiv Podar, the Chairman of IBLF to bring this event to Zug because it’s the first time that the event takes place in Europe.


Dr. Hans Marti
Deputy of Economic Affairs Canton of Zug

IBLF has been a very good partner and the opportunities here are very good. It’s a small intimate group of very serious business people who are looking for serious opportunities.

Mr. Iqbal M. Sharma
Department of Trade and Industry, South Africa

It’s a very pleasant Experience and one has learnt a lot by listening to various speakers which will create a tremendous amount of linkages among the strengths available in different countries for the benefit of the society at large.


Col. S. P. Wahi
Former Chairman - Oil & National Gas Corporation

It’s been a great day today here in Zug. I’m coming here from Dubai. I’ve businesses in South Africa and Brunei and Sri Lanka and India. We were very pleased what we heard from Government of Zug, from the minster about the various tax benefits and various concessions that are very well here in Zug.

Mr. Rakesh Wahi
Founder Member IBLF - Vice Chairman CNBC South Africa

The forum is very positive the way it’s organized, the way it has been arranged and we really appreciate the efforts which went into this project. We hope to participate every year. Because this is a commitment from the founder and commitment from us as a delegate from different countries.


Dr. Jumma Almatrooshi
Director - Silicon Oasis, UAE

I’m very glad that in new convention of IBLF, every year we have participation of new members, new countries. For example in this year have participation of members from New Zealand, from Latvia, Bulgaria and other countries.

Mr. Y. Ivanchenko
Director General - Foreign Agency Investment, Govt. of Moscow

It’s a great honor to be able to present our firm to the guests of IBL Forum and to exchange views how we see the market. It’s a very interesting time at the moment to exchange our views and thanks again for invitation to the forum.

Mr. Steffen Meister
CEO - Partners Group AG, Switzerland