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What is IBLF?

IBLF is a business platform for Government and Businessmen to do business. Its strength lies in its members whose expertise, market knowledge, network and resources help to do business successfully. IBLF relies on Quality rather than Quantity and hence brings in credibility of the members. It follows the principle of Business through Friendship and Friendship through Business. It is in short a tool for businessmen to do business efficiently, effectively, exclusively, enterprisingly and economically; the five “e” of IBLF business principles. For more detailed information on IBLF and its Founders.

What is the advantage of IBLF convention?

IBLF conventions are held on annual basis. It is generally held in different countries so that members can get new and wider range of opportunities. As it is a select group of 100 – 120 members from different countries, it offers a wide range of opportunities and helps personal interactions. The convention focus on networking opportunities and building long term relationships. It is a unique opportunity to do business against the backbone of forum which helps bringing in reliability and credibility.

How to become member of IBLF?

To become member of IBLF following steps needs to be followed:

  • Select the type of membership you want to apply for.
  • Fill the form carefully; half filled form or insufficient information can lead to disqualification.
  • Properly filled forms are then screened by the board of IBLF for final decision.
  • On acceptance by the board one becomes a member by paying the required fees

Please Contact us for more details and the Membership form.

Is membership free?

No, The amount depends on the Board of Directors of IBLF and can be altered time to time

What makes IBLF different?

  • It is an International Forum of Businessmen for Business.
  • It is a medium to reach out to Newer Markets and Expanding Business at low cost.
  • It believes in the era of Cooperation and Collaboration rather than Competition.
  • It enjoys the Patronage of Governments.
  • Membership of IBLF is after thorough Screening and Due Diligence and not merely by application which ensures greater Credibility and Reliability of its members.

What are the benefits of being an IBLF member?

Benefits of being an IBLFer:

  • Helps build a network for developing business contacts, connections and collaborations
  • Relatively easy entry to new markets internationally through fellow IBLFer thereby offering competitive edge gained through local expertise rather than finding yourself in strange business environment amidst laws alien to you.
  • Offers free and frank interchange of proposals and ideas for mutual benefit.
  • Provides a platform for unlimited trade, commerce, investments and joint venture opportunities.

Are there any criteria's to become member?

Yes, the following are eligible bodies:

  • Government , Ministries
  • Multinational Corporation
  • Representative Offices of Foreign Companies
  • Public Limited Companies
  • Center / State Government Undertakings
  • Banks / Financial Institutions
  • Private Limited Companies
  • Partnership Firms
  • Membership of Recognized Professional Institutions
  • Minimum of 3 years standing in the profession

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