The first meeting of the Forum was held in Beijing from 2nd January to 6th January, 2003 with the cooperation of our Chinese partners Fubang Development (HK) Ltd. The Forum had the honor of having General Huang Tian (China) and HE Mr. S. S. Menon; Hon. Ambassador of India to China grace the occasion. Delegates from India, UAE, Russia, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong etc. were present at the Meeting. The meet was held for Four days, and dealt with several projects and products ranging from aviation, pharma, and telecommunication to varied areas. The Delegates visited the site of the Five Star Hotel project in Beijing and MOUs were entered into for further cooperation. The meet saw the signing of several MOUs and agreements, which have transformed into profitable business or are in the process of being established.

About Event

Partner: Fubang Development (HK) Ltd.

Venue: Beijing, CHINA

Date: 02 January- 06 January,  2003