The year 2015, marks the 65th anniversary since India and China first established diplomatic ties, and with both nations undergoing reforms and transitions of a similar nature, continued cooperation and support are essential for both nations to continue their rapid expansion.
The Fourth China-India forum was held from 18 – 20 November at the Trident Hotel in South Mumbai. The purpose of this forum was to encourage and develop a mutually beneficial relationship between both nations such that it fostered increased economic and diplomatic relations.
This path to success was outlined in four simple steps. The first step would be to build connections between the investment fund and the real economy of India – China. The second is to give Chinese entrepreneurs a thorough understanding of investment policies in India. Likewise, through a greater understanding of the Chinese government and its enterprises, Indian entrepreneurs would attain a comprehensive overview of the Chinese market. Lastly, the establishment of the “India – China Model” will serve a leading role; a platform for communication on which governments, enterprises, and industries co-exist peacefully and grow together.

About Event

Organizer: Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), the China -India Friendship Association (CIFA)and Podar Enterprise

Venue: Mumbai, India

Date: 18 November – 20 November 2015

The 4th India China Forum- Click Here For Program


  • Mr. Jiang Lighting the Lamp.
  • Mr. Jiang Zhenghua – CIFA President.
  • The Honored Guests.
  • Ms. Lin Yi. CPAFFC Vice President.
  • Special Session of Select Chinese Delegates with Industry Minister, Maharashtra.
  • The fourth China – India forum focused on developing mutually beneficial relationships makes evident that both nations are in similar political and economic positions and share similar interests. The communication, vigor, and impetus of both countries is on display for the world to admire.

Key Speaker Highlights

CIFA President: Mr. Jiang Zhenghua

  •  In retrospect of the history of China India relations, friendship and cooperation are the common desires and fundamental interest of our two peoples. Enhancing mutual understanding and strengthening communication are always the constant theme in the course of our bilateral relations
  • Our two countries have played indispensable roles in major international issues including global governance, sustainable development and climate change, etc.
  • Mutual trust and efficient cooperation between China and India can not be gained without the support, inclusiveness and mutual concern of people from all walks of life
  • Our two countries are determined to take measures to ease the trade imbalance and realize sustainable development of our bilateral trade. This demonstrates the great significance and necessity of furthering China India trade cooperation.”

President of Parliamentary Group on India China Friendship: Shri Tarun Vijay

  • There is Huge potential for cooperation and collaboration between the two countries in terms of trade, investment and people
  • We should aim for a Trillion $ business partnership in the near future
  • As the President of Parliamentary committee on India China Friendship association, i’m happy to be associated with this forum of China India Friendship association that promotes business and friendship.

Hon. Chinese Ambassador to India: HE Le Yucheng

  • Bilateral relations have never been better and are deepening further for mutual benefit owing to the regular meetings between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, as also Premier, Li Keqiang
  • Though china’s gdp had for the first time in years grown by less than 7 per cent registering 6.9 per cent in the third quarter its economic aggregate had touched $10 trillion last year and the government was striking a balance between maintaining steady growth and making structural adjustments.
  • China has traditionally been strong in manufacturing, but now seeks to build up its services sector and closer collaboration between the two countries can find synergy in India’s primacy in services

Maharashtra Industry Minister: Shri Subash Desai

  • E commerce is new to India yet in Maharashtra we encourage and support the growth of E-commerce as it is a growing trend. Very soon, E-commerce will have control of the trading business
  • We are also improving our infrastructure road development and warehouse housing facilities to support e–commerce.
  • Nagpur is central to the government of Maharashtra for logistically; therefore we are focusing of E – commerce development in Nagpur.
  • Prime Minister Modi has announced that many smart cities are going to be built in India 10 of which will be in Maharashtra. The USA and China are both encouraged and invited to invest and support these endeavors.

Karnataka Minister: Shri R. V. Deshpande

  • Karnataka is at the forefront of business enterprise in India. You name the sector, we lead it.
  • We are known as the garden state of India. Come to Mumbai, Delhi Kolkata, Chennai and see whose weather is the best.
  • We are a progressive state; governments are working towards easing some of the obstacles to transform our economic relationship from buyer/seller to one of investment.
  • We don’t believe in sickness but rather in healthy business enterprises.

Rajiv Podar, IBLF President

  • China is known to be ‘the Factory of the World’ whereas India the ‘Back office of the World’
  • Indian expertise of high quality precision, blended with low cost mass production; China can provide the best combination to cater the global markets.
  • During the visit of the Hon President of China HE Mr. Xi to India Chinese investments worth 20B USD was committed. Areas included Industrial Parks, Railways, Smart cities, Infrastructure, Manufacturing etc.
  • We must encourage expertise, knowledge and skill of our members rather than duplicating it for individual benefit.

Organizer of the India China Forum Event: Madam Li

  • I came to India in 2007 and I felt that I must start this initiative between two of the largest countries in the world, India and China. I have studied Hindi at university level and I feel Indians and Chinese have past connections. It’s time for us to come together, unite our resources and the future is sure to be bright with this powerful
  • I feel business linkage between India and China is very important
    and this forum highlights just that. I am grateful to Mr. Podar for making
    this happen and very happy that my last 6 trips to India have yielded in
    the result of this forum.
  • 200+ people Chinese delegation including several high level representations of Provincial Governments and Chairman of leading companies attended the forum and were equally matched by Indian delegates.
  • Evening of 19th November witnessed the “CHINDIA Award” Show where top Indian and Chinese companies were given recognition for their remarkable work done towards enhancing bilateral trade and investment between the two countries.
  • CPAFFC Vice President Ms. Lin Yi also announced a special recognition award for Podar Enterprise and Fortune Plus which was handed over to Mr. Rajiv Podar and Madam Li Zhongdong by Mr. Jiang Zhenghua.
  • Forum had a beautiful signature board that captured presence of all guests.
  • The forum saw use of technology in terms of face recognition for registration and Simultaneous interpretation using wireless devices.
  • On the night before the forum, i.e. 18th November, Mr. Rajiv Podar hosted a welcome dinner for all the Chinese Delegates at Podar House where Mr. Kantikumar Podar, Chairman Podar Enterprise and members of Podar Family welcomed the Chinese delegates.
  • Mr. Jiang Zhenghua presented a gift to Mr. Kantikumar Podar.